High Quality Student Housing : The Province, And I Had An Interview With Its Manager

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1) I live in the campus community called “The Province” and I had an interview with its manager, Thomas Genna.
The Province is an American Campus Community that is academically-oriented student housing. It provides a high-quality student housing and extends far beyond bricks and leases. The organization works with universities and owners to deliver an exceptional student experience, on campus and off. According to the manager, the purpose of the organization is to “consistently provide every resident with an environment conducive to healthy living, personal growth, academic achievement and professional success”.
As was mentioned by the manager, student success is number one priority in this organization. Whether it is providing the tools …show more content…

You can also find, area to play basketball, pool, gym and cinema room.

There are 2 main types of cottages’ competitors: the university dormitory and the private apartment.

Cons of dormitories:
➢ People who prefer privacy will not like the life in the hostel because the University dormitories have pretty small rooms, quite noisy and there are always a lot of people.
For example, for two it can be a total of 9 squares in the room. Therefore, a person have to forget about personal space. It may also do a disservice in preparing for exams, if you can 't say no to a party or just to engage in a noisy environment. In addition to that, bathrooms and kitchens are usually shared and located on each floor.
➢ Person needs to worry about where he will live on vacation, as the majority of universities in holiday time evict students from hostels.
➢ The need to strictly observe the rules of living on campus. In every University they are different. Thus, in some it is forbidden to bring guests to your room and generally on campus, others have a "curfew", in the third you can 't smoke and drink alcohol, listen to loud music, have pets, etc.

Cons of private apartment:
➢ It will be necessary to pay a deposit for renting new housing; as a rule, it is the cost of a month or six weeks rent.
➢ The cost of utilities (electricity, Internet, water, cable TV) adds up the cost of rent.
➢ The possibility of additional charges. For

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