Scholarly Literature and Peer Reviewed Sources

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A student at Walden University will write in a scholarly manner and follow the principles and guidelines for doing so. It is of importance for a student to obtain research material that supports their writing from credible sources. With the Walden University library, a student can ensure that they are using credible sources for research material, reviewed, by peers and other scholars in the field. Programs such as grammerly provide the students of Walden University with the additional resources to check grammar and punctuation. The combination of these sources enables the student to improve their writing skills and achieve a scholarly writing style.
Research Strategy
The student accessed the Walden University library through the
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In that respect, the student chose not to use the articles found through conducting research on the internet.
Study One
This study discusses the risks that college students can be exposed to when choosing off campus housing. Initially, this article presents the property owners of rental properties as individuals who do not take care of their properties and have no concern for the tenant. Further reading of this article finds that due to the high turnover with rental properties and college students there is a greater risk of the student becoming physically sick due to the environment within the rental property. “Globally, housing is the single most important environmental factor associated with disease conditions and higher mortality and morbidity rates (United Nations, 2007)” (Johnson, Cole & Merrill, 2009, p. 2).
The study population of consisted of approximately 1,890 students who resided in off campus housing in “Provo, Utah” (Johnson, Cole & Merrill, 2009, p. 2). The results showed that there is enough evidence to support the study in saying that college students who live in off campus housing have a higher risk of being exposed to conditions within rental properties that could significantly impact the health of the student (Johnson, Cole & Merrill, 2009, p. 4).
Study Two
This study suggests that property owners should review their authoritative positions in the rental business and should be more involved in the responsibility of
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