High School Building Case Study: Samuel Brighouse Elementary School

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Taking these criteria into consideration,a systematic search through various schools and after holding the potential case study buildings with the selection criteria, eight buildings were found to match them sufficiently asmentioned in Table 1 below. For the whole description of each building see Appendix A.
Table 1:The eight Selected school for the investigation.
SH.4 SH.3 SH.2 SH.1
Samuel Brighouse Elementary School Ben Franklin Elementary School Greensburg Schools/ Kiowa County Schools Sidwell Friends Middle School
SH.8 SH.7 SH.6 SH.5
Gando Secondary School Williamstown High School Academy of St Francis of Assisi Ergolding Secondary school
3. Natural Ventilation Aspect Analyzing:
3.1 SH.1:
Climate Description: Washington DC is in the humid subtropical climate zone which characterized by hot, usually humid summers and mild to cool winters[7].
Ventilation strategy: High-performance operable …show more content…

Maximum temperature ranges are between 45 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.[11]
Ventilation strategy: courtyards, Low-perimeter louvers, and clerestories in sloped roof
Strategy mechanism: The concept of thermal buoyancy and pressure differentials cause because of the two courtyards, as part of air flow moving up and part of it down, to form a large vortex leading to a very high-pressure build-up surrounding the building. This concept emphasis is drawing fresh air through low-level perimeter windows and louvers located behind the heating units and venting it through high-level clerestories in thesloped roof which act like thermal chimneys (see figure 6).[11]
In 80% of the building, Carbon dioxide sensors and occupancy sensors automatically adjust louvers to control ventilation and conserve energy. In heating mode, the air passes over fin-tube water heating elements located at the perimeter louvers before it is introduced into the classroom

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