High School Dropouts Has Become A Crisis

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High School Dropouts
Education is to be known to be the key to success, but high school dropouts have become a crisis. To get by in today 's world education is a must to become economically and financially secure. A high school dropout or dropout is to be known as an undergraduate that does not complete schooling before earning a high school diploma. According to Carolyn L. Carlson, an estimate of 7,000 high school students drop out daily in America (1). Which is 1.2 million a year, when a student decides to drop out of school before graduating not only will they be affected but so will society. Only sixty percent of students attend high school from ninth grade and graduate as a senior (Carlson 1). That 's almost half of high school …show more content…

Everything for a child starts from in the home when a mother or parents are struggling, so is the child. When a mother or parents are earning less money due to many responsibilities, it puts the teen as a student at greater risk of dropping out by having fewer resources and gaining stress that is carried to school and become very distracting. Furthermore, family structure is one of the most important factors that causes a student to drop out of school because what happens in the household reflects a student. Another major reason to cause a student to drop out of school is school structure. School structure is the way the school is built, arranged and organized that include resources, curriculum, and communication between both schools and students. When a school structure is negative it most definitely lessons in student achievement. Gary Natriello highlights that one compelling associate of dropping out of school done by research is the lessening in student success (601). If a student is not succeeding in their class work and receiving bad grades it will lower their motivation to strive. In this case, studies are proven to show that when students do not do well in school, it affects their confidence and lessens the chances of continuing to try to get greater grades, to just give up and decide to drop out. Students that frequently obtain lower grades, do not pass subjects, and that are held back a grade increase likelihood of

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