High School Is All Fun And Games

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High school was all fun and games until it is almost graduation time . Applying for college can be stressful. With high school everything is free because the state pays for it, but college is different. College the students are responsible for everything, including applying for college. Students have many different options to choose from, the student can choose to attend a four-year college, two-year college, trade/technical/vocational college and community college. They also have to research how much each college cost and what the requirements are. Even though their education is the most important reason why they are going to, but the student should also look into the extra curricular as well.

Literature Review
Are you a high school student that is about to graduate and enter the real world? Have you actually put in thought regarding your career path? It is a lot of research and plenty of options. Secondary education is important because without it people will not be successful in life. According to the Dictionary they state that secondary education is “beyond the elementary grades; provided by a high school or college preparatory school”. (Secondary education, 2003-2008) High school is very different than college. The differences will be discussed in a later matter. They are different ways to achieve getting a degree. The scholar can attend a four year university, two year university, trade/vocational school, online schools to receive

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