High School Is The Same Amount As The Final? Essay

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Have you ever had an important paper or project that was worth the same amount as the final? If you have then you know the feeling that you get when you realize that if you mess this project up your grade will drop almost two later grades. Now imagine this, you are given a partner to work with on this project. The only thing is that your partner doesn’t help with any aspect of the project except picking out what the experiment should be about. Then when you go to turn in your semester project you are disappointed in yourself, in your partner, and disappointed that the people who helped you gather research, materials, and preform the experiment spent there valuable time in doing so and you have nothing of value to show for it. When there is something important that you desperately need to be done properly and in a timely manner you can only rely on yourself to accomplish it. I was in the STEM Governors Academy, run through Harrisonburg High School, while I was in high school, STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. The STEM program focused on STEM, so during my high school carrier I did many technical/scientific papers, projects, presentations, research, and experiments. Just to prove how much work I did, on my student google drive account I had used up over 4.5 GBs of the allotted 15 GBs throughout my four years of high school. During my junior year of high school the students in STEM were given a task to pick a topic of research related to either
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