High School Reform Is Flawed And Now

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It is no secret that the educational system is flawed and now people need to start taking high school reform to the next level and all schools should at least consider it. With a well thought out high school reform plan, the school could be so much better, with less drop out rates and having the students actually enjoy learning instead of hating it. High school reform is a huge project that will constantly be changing throughout the years but if the right ideas are thrown in, schools could improve each year. The futures of high schools have so much potential, it is not just the teachers, staff, etc. but it is also the students that need to make an effort to improve the schools. If everyone is willing to work together to help the public high schools and schools in general, high school reform could be the next big step that every school takes. There are a lot of causes of high school reform, one that is very important is that parents are not involved enough. What these parents do for the children at home is very important for the child 's education and school skills. Being able to improve communication in schools between the parents,staff, and the children would help the parents be more involved with their kids grades and be informed about educational things that are going on at the school. “Parents are the most important partner in a child’s education and schools can reap large dividends by capitalizing on their support.” ("Getting Parents Involved in Schools." Reading…
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