High School Spirit Analysis

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And the crowd goes wild! A sea of costumed kids erupts into cheers and storms the court. It is October 31, 2016, the Hempstead girl’s varsity volleyball team has just secured a spot at state. But it was not only the playing that made this a night to remember. The immense amount of school spirit was indescribable. The theme for the game was a costume out, very fitting since it was Halloween. The game theme, no doubt, contributed to the incredible amount of energy in the air. “It’s just that much more fun, when everyone participates in the themes, it really gets everyone super excited for the game, it also really brings together, as a school,” sophomore, Olivia Meyer, said. Dressing up for the designated theme is an awesome way to pump up …show more content…

Of course, there are different types of themes. Some themes, like white out or pink out are used specifically to make the student section look as cohesive as possible. But other themes like business out, and Snapbacks and Tattoos all follow the same theme, but everyone looks different. But whether it’s a black out, Hawaiian out, or even the old-school school spirit out, they are all just as effective at bringing a student body together as a whole. “The students tend to prefer more cohesive looking themes, the more general the theme, the more participation there is,” Executive Council Member, Max Unmacht, Mustang Pride Club Member, said. Cohesive themes like pink out and U.S.A. out, also have some of the most meaning. Pink out games are almost always held in October, to support those affected by breast cancer, as October is breast cancer awareness month. Not so coincidentally, last year, U.S.A. out was held on the 14 year anniversary of September 11, 2001. “My favorite theme to see students participate in, is spirit out, I love seeing Hempstead students all dressed up in their green and gold, makes us seems as one,” Assistant Principal, Claudette Bees, a game supervisor,

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