High School Vs. College

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While some people believe that transitioning from a High School environment to a College environment is arduous, others believe it is effortless. High School and College both require teachers and work, but they both have differences that many people are not aware of. People will say that college and High School are similar because they both require effort for one to pass, but what they do not realize is the amount of effort which is necessary for each. With High School, teachers give students busy work that will keep them engaged in the class and keep them aware of the information being taught in class. In College, instructors give small amounts of work which will be turned in and taken as a grade. This is one example that shows how the two are different. Although High School and College both share similarities, they are outweighed by their differences. High School and College are different because they both vary in the amount of work that is given to the students’, the classes, one takes is their decision, and in college attendance matters. High school and College are different because in college students get to choose the classes they would like to take. Everyone knows that in High School there are classes which are necessary to take in order to graduate with a diploma, but in College one gets to choose the classes he or she needs. College is where people get to focus on a career they choose to enter and taking courses that one does not need can delay the amount of time

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