High School Vs. College

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Luke Weiner
Prof. Lewis
Eng. 110-48
31 August 2015 High School Vs. College
High school and college are both higher education institutions that enlighten students; however, there are many differences between the two that make them both unique. In high school, the goal is to gain a broad understanding of numerous subjects so that when they arrive to college, they have an understanding of their interests, goals, dreams, and what it takes to pursue their potential career.
High school works as a place for students to grow up and gain a sense of what adult hood is like, while allowing students a few mishaps. College, on the other hand, coerces students to take on full responsibility. For example, in high school, students can depend on their teachers, friends, and parents to remind them of their responsibilities and priorities. In college, there is no one to “hold your hand” and remind them of their duties. Students are required by law to attend high school in the United States until the age of sixteen, where as kids are not required to attend college or further their education if they desire. Furthermore, high school is provided to us through taxes, while furthering our education at college is usually very expensive. College and high school are both alike because students at both institutions have academic advisors or guidance counselors to help guide them in the right direction toward their intended major or future occupation. High school and college are very

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