Similarities And Differences Between High School And College

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Most people can probably easily identify the similarities, but not the differences. Even though there are similarities that need to be identified, I want my readers to understand the distinctions between high school and college. Although high school and college are alike in some ways, the differences between the two are more striking and they deserve thorough examination. The first items I want to discuss in this essay are the major similarities between high school and college. Cumulative tests, taken at the end of the semester, is one way in which high school and college are alike. Stress is the biggest struggle that comes with finals. Time management of studying can cause stress. A lot of time is consumed preparing for these types of …show more content…

The first major difference is the connections we make in high school and college are different. The nature of friend’s students make in high school is very different than the nature of the friends students make in college. The relationships students make in high school are usually those friends that they will know for a long time, whereas compared to college these are the friends that students do not stay in contact with after graduating. An article titled “Major Differences Between High School and College”, written by the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, informs us:
“High school: Friendships are established through neighborhood, school, and community involvement over a period of years. College: Students are in a new situation where there is little, if any, carryover of friendships and requires meeting new people and establishing new relationships.”
I completely agree with this article. I have made life-long friendships with my high school classmates, going to school together from kindergarten to senior year. It was a little easier to make these kinds of relationships, going to a small private school, because I only had a total of ten students in my class throughout high school. We make time to fellowship with each other and have good times together. But as I transitioned to college, I found it difficult to make new friends, due to my ambivert

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