High Schools Should Prepare All Students For College Essay

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We live in a society that places a high value on the professions and white-collar jobs (work performed in an office, cubicle, or other administrative setting), and that still considers blue-collar (jobs that often involve manual labor) work lower status. Parents want their children to pursue careers that will maintain or increase their status. Some people think that going to college is going to make you successful in life. However that isn’t true for some people. Not every student is suited to go to college, and not every student necessarily wants to go. For teens who desire a unique learning experience, a vocational high school program may be a good fit. High schools should prepare all students for college, but should offer vocational classes as electives. Students who take these electives can learn about a job as they prepare for college (Word Generation 3.13, 2012).
A vocational track is when all your classes are geared toward preparing to get a job after high school. I feel that schools should have a vocational track. The classes can benefit you in the future. Also, when you graduate you can get jobs right out of high school. Vocational tracks focus on letting the students experience different careers.
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In vocational high school programs – which are also known as career and technical education programs – students study a skill or trade, such as engineering or plumbing, in addition to completing academic core requirements (Bidwell, Allie. 2014. US News & World News). Many of the skills most needed to compete in the global market of the 21st century are technical skills that fall into the technical/vocational area. The absence of excellence in many technical and vocational fields is also costing us economically as a nation (Phillips, Mark. 2012.
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