Hillary Clinton Persuasive Essay

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The issue of Donald Trump versus Hilary Clinton is an issue of facing two evils but having to choose a lesser evil. In reality though, Donald Trump would be a better president as compared to Hilary Clinton. He is a straight forward candidate, rich, older, and some may view him as being even wiser. He fits in well with the American system of big money politics since he is a popular billionaire who flies around in his helicopter without hiding his wealth and voters in recent past have said that they love nature of telling it how it is and they also respect his ballsy nature. This is in direct contrast with his opponent Hilary Clinton, who is good at hiding her wealth, riches, and beliefs. The Clinton’s are estimated to have a fortune in excess of 100 million dollars and some people like to portray Hilary as a liberal hope, including a number of activists and academics titled “feminists for Clinton” but reality is that "she is a significantly dangerous white feminist woman" …show more content…

In a debate I believe Trump would do well against majorly because at one time Trump donated money to Hilary’s foundation and she always has similar views that don’t change on key areas of concern to the American people. In a general election it is a bad image that Clinton once accepted finances issued by Trump and this would prove to be political nightmare for the so called Democrats. In a recent debate Trump was quoted as saying "I gave to many people before this," this was a sword aimed at Hilary Clinton on basis that at one time Trump donated money to Hillary’s foundation which she accepted. He later went on to say "If and when they call, I give,” this was typical show of his bossy nature and straight forwardness. Later on Hilary’s campaign spokesman said ‘Trump’s comments hurt her (Clinton’s) feelings,’ meaning Trump had a hidden campaign agenda wedged against his opponent Hillary

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