Hillbilly Elegy Analysis

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1. I have mix feelings about this article. I do not agree with this article, but the part I do agree with this article. The reason I disagree with this article is that not everybody needs the army to be disciplined and to go to college. Even though It does help to pay for college. Is it worth to join the army, just so you can go to school? When people come back from the war, they are suffering from the post-traumatic stress disorder. Anyone can be whatever they want to, they just need put in the work. I agree with this article because where you grew up, you must travel hundreds of miles to find a prosperous. You can not let where you were born to define your fate. If you want to go somewhere in your, you are going to have to take some …show more content…

Understand someo0ne behavior and appearance, that is acceptance of cultural goals and how to pursue the goals. You can understand why someone use method to teach, persuade, or force to comply with what they believe or doing. You can use class culture to explain deviance, conformity , and social control. They use class culture to understand why people do or show themselves as someone they are not.They can use class culture to get different culture s to persuade someone or make a choice for the person. They do not give people a chance to make up their own choices. Some people might say deviance, conformity, and social control has some socialization in it. Because it helps people to think and appear however way they want to and think like no one.

3. Deviance is defined by modes of action that do not conform to the norms of value held by most member s of a group or society. Forms of behavior that are highly esteemed by one group are regarded negatively by others. I think labeling theory is the reason why crime rates are so high. An approach to the study of deviance that suggests people become deviant, because of the label that was put on them of behavior by political authorities and others.

Labelling theory assumes that no action is really criminal, but may become so through the cycle of laws and their understanding by police, courts. Some parts of labeling theory consider some acts such as murder, rape, and robbery are

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