Hilton Hotel At A Work Conference

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Five years ago I stayed in a Hilton Hotel at a work conference. When I checked in I noticed two flyers on the front desk that really have made me able to live in a higher lifestyle than I could afford on my salary alone. The first was a Hilton Honors Card, which is a club you can join for free and which you can accrue points, which you can use for free Hilton family of hotels stays, free gambling money in Las Vegas, free airline flights, free cruises, free merchandise from Bloomingdales, The Sharper Image, and other major retail chains. If you joined they would give you 10,000 points to start with plus all the points for your current stay and anything charged to your room. The second flyer was to get a fee free Hilton American Express …show more content…

This was given to me in regular gaming chips at the Hilton 's Casino, which I cashed in immediately. The gambling money actually paid for my week at the Riviera Hotel And Casino and my Hertz car rental. Yes, I am saying that my entire week long Las Vegas vacation was actually free since I had a free flight (see my next article on Frequent Flyer Clubs). Actually I won money playing Texas Hold 'em poker and came away with a profit even after a small slot machine loss by my wife. The next two years I went to the Hilton less since I had retired, but used the Hilton American Express more. I even charged $3,500 of my new car cost giving me over 10,000 points alone. I made $450, and $500 in gambling the next two years. The year after that we stayed at the New Niagara Falls Hilton in a luxury suite overlooking The Falls. This was the most amazing suite I ever stayed in with every amenity possible. The linens themselves must have cost the Hotel a fortune and so did our two HD large screen TV 's. At least once in your life you have to have this experience. All this for free, nada, zip dollars just by smartly using a free club membership and free credit card. You need not stay in the Hilton Hotel even once, just use the credit card or you can join some competing hotels club plan if you want. If you do this you will thank me for this great information. Enjoy yourselves.
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