Hip Replacement Therapy

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How do Osmotic diuretics work? Osmotic diuretics works by expanding extracellular fluid and plasma volume, therefore increasing blood flow to the kidney. A typical diuretic that falls under this category is Mannitol, which is frequently used for decreasing the intracranial pressure.

What is the ideal time interval when weaning clients from ventilator machines? Before a client can be totally independent from ventilators, they need to undergo weaning or SBT(spontaneous breathing trial). The nurse must prepare the client before the weaning procedure. Weaning is done by plugging the opening of the tube for 5-20 minutes and can be repeated up to 4xaday. Depending on the client’s respiratory status, the length of weaning can be gradually increased. Do not plug the tube for over …show more content…

Patients who underwent total hip replacement therapy must be cautioned not to flex hips over 90 degrees to prevent hip dislocation. Several instructions must be provided to clients like: use of assistive devices like raise toilet seats, use of abduction pillows, elastic shoelaces and more.
Patient must not bend and squat. No crossing of legs and try not to sit for same position for over 40minutes. Any activity that may over flexed the hips must be avoided.

There are several tests which can be done to confirm the diagnosis of muscular dystrophy. This include:
1. muscle biopsy – where a muscle tissue is removed using a biopsy needle. Results will reveal deposits of fat and connective tissue that confirms the diagnosis of muscular dystrophy.
2. Genetic testing- determines the presence of gene mutation, specifically the lack of dystrophin gene.
3. Blood tests- serum creatine kinase and serum aldolase. Results will reveal elevated levels that signify muscle weakness. Such test would require additional evaluation for confirmation.
4. Imaging tests – MRI and ultrasound may also be one to evaluate muscle quality and

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