Hippeas Research Paper

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On an almost daily basis, there seems to be a "new kid" on the proverbial block of snacks. While some are good, some are mere imitations of others that have come and gone before. However, as far as the natural, health-conscious food industry is concerned, a relatively new upstart by the name of Hippeas is posturing itself as a potential contender in the competitive world of snacks.

Launched by its CEO, Livio Bisterzo, Hippeas makes a plea for consumers to give the snack a chance and indulge their taste buds. In trying out a new "better for you" snack that is "guilt-free," Hippeas' exploits another aspect that is bound to resonate with many consumers: a commitment to help our planet help itself out.

The Hippeas Uniqueness

- Ingredients
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Naturally, being non-GMO and USDA organic certified chickpeas are major plus factors with Hippeas too!

Health-conscious consumers can look forward to the 3-grams of fiber and 4-grams of protein that come within every single-serve, 1-ounce bag.

A Huge Assortment Of Flavors And Tastes

Releasing "good vibes" is one additional selling point the Hippeas company sells to its consumer, and this is done primarily through six different tasty flavors which include:

Far Out Fajita
Pepper Power
Happenin' Hickory
Maple Haze
Vegan White
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