Hispanic Medical Practices, Beliefs, And Perceptions Essay

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Hispanic Medical Practices, Beliefs, and Perceptions Related to Diabetes
The incidence of diabetes is rising among the residents of California at alarming rates. Approximately 55% of the adults in California are estimated to have either diabetes or prediabetes according to the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research 2016 study on prediabetes (UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, 2016). This is especially concerning for the Hispanic residents within the state as they make up the largest ethnic group in California, at more than 38% of the population (United States Census Bureau, 2015). As the total number of Hispanics in California raises so too has the number of Hispanics diagnosed with diabetes. This literature review explores some of the culture, traditions, and beliefs of the Hispanic population related to diabetes and the need for cultural and linguistic competence to improve health care delivery. Culture, Beliefs, and Perceptions
Addressing the diabetes-related health disparity affecting many Hispanic’s in California involves exploring the culture, beliefs, and perceptions of the Hispanic diabetic community. In the case study by Lemley & Spies (2013), the authors discussed a few of the common traditional beliefs and practices related to diabetes found within the Hispanic immigrant population. The purpose of the case study was to provide an overview of one person’s use and perception of three different traditional practices, common in the Mexican American

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