History Of Pum A Shoe Factory Worker

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History of puma
Abdikadir S. Hussein
Spalding University
History of puma
The beginning for puma, the multination brand that is the leading athletic footwear, apparel and accessories companies in the world, all started in a town in the district of Erlange-hoohsyadi in Bavaria, Germany. Christoph Von Wilhelm Dassler a common shoe factory worker, while his wife Pauline ran a small laundry in Bavarian in the town of herzogenaurach.
When their son Rudolf Dassler went off to war in world war 1. Upon return from the war Rudolf Dassler got a management positions at a factory and later down in his career in a leather wholesale business. In 1924 Rudolf returned to his home town where he joined his younger brother, Adolf, who had started his own shoe company.
The brothers became business partners and their company soon took off after finding some good fortune in the 1936 Olympics after convincing American Olympian Jesse Owens to wear their shoes and the end result being him winning four gold medals, but as their business took off, the two brothers grew increasingly frustrated with each other. They disagreed on everything from politics, the future of the company and one another 's choice in wives.
Finally, in the mid-1940s Rudolf left in a company and set up a rival shop across the river, while Adi remained in the initial plant. His company was renamed Adidas, and in 1948 Rudolf registered his new company, Puma (Barrett J, The History of Adidas and Puma, 04/13/08).

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