The Puma Group's Marketing Strategy

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PUMA 4 Running head: PUMA MARKETING STRATEGY PUMA Marketing Strategy PUMA Group PUMA is counted in the leading sports lifestyle companies of the world and is famous for designing and developing footwear, accessories and apparel. PUMA commits to serve its customers by supporting creativity, sustainability and peace. It promises to be fair, loyal, honest and creative in its decisions and actions. The unique feature of PUMA is that it manufactures sports stuff keeping in mind the fashion and style (Parasuraman, Grewal and Krishnan , 2007). It has collaborations with famous designers like Alexandra McQueen and Mihara Yasuhiro. PUMA group that was founded in 1948 has now three brands; PUMA, Tretorn and Cobra Golf. It distributes its products to more than 120 different countries across the globe and has a network of around 11000 employees. Mission Statement PUMA has an objective and a long term mission of becoming "The most desirable and sustainable sports Lifestyle Company". Vision PUMA performs its activities on its foundation "PUMAVision". It is a concept that guides PUMA employees with its following three programs; PUMA Safe: PUMA has a commitment to protect the environment and improve the working conditions of the workers. It continuously works to initiate new programs that focus on introducing more sustainable, safer and cleaner systems and processes within the PUMA supply chain. PUMA Peace: The aim of this program is to unite people in peace with the power of

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