History, Products, And Major Competitors Essay

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History, Products, and Major Competitors
Pleasant Valley Recreation Center, hereinafter referred to as Pleasant Valley, is an old family bowling alley that introduced the sport of bowling to the blue ocean community of Altoona, Pennsylvania. According to the plaque and picture on the wall, Pleasant Valley opened in 1945 with just six bowling lanes. Under the ownership of Robert Di Ventura Sr., Pleasant Valley expanded its bowling alley to 32 lanes, installed automatic pin setting machines, innovated to computerized scoring, added an arcade, built a large snack bar, opened a separate lounge for alcoholic beverage purchases, and transformed the floor beneath the bowling alley into a complete restaurant for fine dining. The bowling alley also includes a pro shop to sell equipment and drill bowling balls. Despite the many impressive additions, the company’s claim to fame is still bowling. League bowlers once flooded the establishment every evening, and families frequented the lanes for the many special offers and promotions. When the owner unfortunately passed away in 2001, his son soon took over the company in 2002.
As the current owner, Robert Di Ventura Jr. has failed to sustain the competitive advantage over the local competition. Holiday Bowl opened in 1959 with 40 lanes and currently offers a pro shop as well as food and beverages at The Strike Zone Bar & Grille (Holiday Bowl, 2016). Holiday Bowl provides many of the same amenities as Pleasant Valley and constantly

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