Essay on Westlake Lanes Case Analysis

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Key Issues The key issue faced by general manager Shelby Givens of Westlake Lanes is whether or not to maintain the current practices of the business or seek new alternatives. She must convince the board that within her allotted one year, progress has been made in improving the business and ultimately convince them that profitability is in the foreseeable future and that their personal debt will be repaid. Analysis External Analysis: Porter’s Five Forces Analysis Threat of new entrants: In regards to ease of entry, there is the possibility of new entrants. However, it is stated in the case that Westlake Lanes has an excellent location in downtown Raleigh and it would be hard for another entry to secure such a location. Also,…show more content…
They have secured a loyal customer base as well as made a name for themselves in the downtown Raleigh area. Furthermore, there is value in the fact that they are a family owned business. Many consumers are supportive of family owned businesses and therefore Westlake Lanes should definitely exploit this capability. Their location is also very valuable due to the fact that they are the only bowling alley in the downtown area. Furthermore, their introduction of bowling leagues has been a very valuable asset to them because it ensures a steady flow of business. Givens has also managed to make this asset more valuable to them by greatly reducing the time frame of the leagues and pitching the concept to firms and students. Finally, Westlake Lanes’ long-standing and loyal staff has also proven to be very valuable. Although Givens has made changes to the staff team, three of the four full-time employees have proven themselves of high value to her in terms of maintenance of the building, business knowledge and supplier research. Rare: Westlake Lanes’ long-standing operations is very rare because, although it is not stated in the case how long the other Raleigh bowling alleys have been in operation for, it is fair to say that Westlake is the longest running alley in the downtown
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