History of Austrlia

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Imagine... What it would be like to be to start again? What it would be like to spend weeks and weeks in a ship with thousands of others? What is would be like to watch others around you die from the terrible conditions and diseases that they have been exposed to? When asked questions about things we have never experienced before it is hard to give a proper answer, all you can do is assume and imagine but you can never give an exact precise response. So when asked if Australia was a Fatal shore for everyone or if it was a land of opportunity, all you can do is assume and imagine based on the available information provided because you don’t really know the answer because you have not experienced it firsthand. From the information provided, Australia was more of a Fatal Shore than it was a land of opportunity. For both convicts and free settlers life in Australia was extremely harsh. The lifestyle of Australia was extremely different to the environment that they were used to back home in England and it would have been hard for them to adapt to. However life in Australia wasn’t all that bad, for most of the convicts it was a second chance at life and for the free settlers it was a great opportunity to make their fortune. The working conditions that the convicts in early colonial Australia had to endure were incredibly severe. The working environment that the convicts suffered is evidence of the brutality that existed. Many off the convicts that arrived in Sydney had

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