How Did The Olympic Games Change The World?

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Over many lifetimes the Olympic games have been a symbol of the most prestigious sporting event in the world. Throughout time the games have evolved from two events to two hundred. Along with the events, the athletes and vision of the games have changed as well. This paper is going to show the changes for better or worse of the games. For over a thousand years there has been people participating in the Olympics. The first documented games were in greece in the year 776 BC. The games were first called “Olympics” because the first location was close to Mount Olympus, Greece. During these first games events were limited and all competitors were males. Events were held in a coliseum and a few of the competitions were wrestling and sprinting.
The games were held each year for hundreds of years until the 4th century BC. The games were stopped during that time by an Olympian ruler named Theodosius A. Christian. Modern historians believe that the ruler banned the games because they went against his edicts. An edict was the rulers proclamation when he assumed power from the previous ruler and it is believed that he literally banned the games in this order. After Christians proclamation the games were not revived until the late 1800s by a frenchman named Pierre de Coubertin. He was Born into a French aristocratic family, he became an academic and studied a broad range of topics, most notably education and history. In 1892 Coubertin proposed a series of games every four years. His

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