How Did The Olympics Start Essay

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Where and when did the Olympics begin? What events did they compete in? Are our Olympic events the same as theirs were? How often did they have the Olympics? The Olympics started in 776 BC by the Greeks. Every four years lots of people, including me, love to watch the summer and winter Olympics. It has many great and exciting events that our own country participates in by having the best athletes represent their country and, compete in a series of events to bring home a gold, silver, or bronze medal.
Many people do not know when and where the Olympics started. The first ever Olympics started in 776 BC in ancient Greece. The Greeks participated in many Olympic events every four years. The events that the Greeks participated in are: Running (track), Long Jump, Shot Put, Javelin, Boxing, Pankration and Equestrian Events. Today’s Olympics have way more events including winter events which the Greeks did not compete in. Countries all over the world didn’t start competing in the Olympics until 1896 which was held in Athens, Greece due to the tradition of the ancient Greeks.
The Greeks running events included: A Stade race, …show more content…

Their Olympics only had a few events and now their is over 30 different events not including winter events which the Ancient Greeks did not have in their Olympics. Some of the newer events that the Ancient Greeks did not have are: Basketball, Golf, Tennis, Swimming, Volleyball and many more events. The Olympics now still have the events that the Ancient Greeks competed in like discus, shot put, running events, long jump, high jump, wrestling, boxing, Pankration, and equestrian events. The events that they did and we still do have evolved a lot throughout the years. Our discus is basically the same as theirs except for how the discus disc is made. The running events that they did are almost exactly like ours but our Olympics has a lot more events in running like a 4 person relay and long distance

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