Hmong In The Vietnam War

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Until this day, there are little to no information or recognition of the Hmong as an ally with the Americans during the war. The Hmong’s were not acknowledged during the war by the U.S. government until the 1990s. The veterans that helped the former Hmong General Vang Pao want recognition from the U.S. government (Hays). People would say that when the soldiers died, kids would replace and help fight along with the Americans and when the kids died, the elderly's would replace them. Helms said, “Vang Pao has been forced to use 13 and 14-year-old children to replace his casualties (Weiner).” Today, most Americans know nothing about the Secret War. The war was a classified operation that was meant to be like it never happened. The Hmong in the United…show more content…
Lee, 73 years old, a U.S. citizen said, "I am sad that many Americans still don't know the stories of Hmong veterans and how they took part in holding back the communist Vietnamese from reaching the American soldiers in the south." During 2012, Hmong veterans wanted to be buried alongside with their American comrades as a reminder of who they are and who they served for. Chue Chou Tchang said, "We were American soldiers fighting alongside American soldiers, we fought like brothers. We died together. Coming to this country, we'd like to rest with the American soldiers that fought with us." All they wanted was just a bit of recognition as helpers in the Secret War but people still don’t know who or what the Hmong people are. More than 25,000 Hmong soldiers died while fighting with the Americans. (“The “Secret War” of Vietnam…”). "Many think they are economic refugees, They're not. They're allies. They were the hands and feet of Americans in Laos, which is part of the Vietnam War no one knew about (Iwasaki)." said Noble, who transported many of the Hmong as a pilot for Air
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