Holistic Alcohol Rehab Essay

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Drug addiction and alcoholism have a devastating effect on not only the addicts who suffers from these illnesses, but also on friends, family and workmates who interact with these addicts on a regular basis. When the addict finally succumbs to their addiction, the only way out is usually through the help of a professional and reputable inpatient addiction treatment center.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment Options
According to a 2013 report issued by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, approximately 1.3 million people sought inpatient services for their drinking problem. Many addicts entering an inpatient addiction treatment center for the first time will usually go though a traditional rehab that starts with a chemical assisted detox process to cleanse the …show more content…

While the recovery goals remain the same, the methods used in holistic alcohol rehab are designed to rebuild the addicts physical, mental and spiritual health at the same time. The holistic alcohol rehab components are still provided under the direction of a professional medical staff and certified counselors. The components of holistic alcohol rehab include:

The Detox Process - The addict is treated to a regimen of vitamins, nutritional supplements and organic foods that will help the physical body start replenishing an unhealthy blood supple and brain functioning due to poisons with healthier body function. The detox process might be further enhanced by the use of exercise programs, whirlpools and saunas to help draw the poisons out.
Counseling and Therapy - This component is used to help the addict understand aspects of their addiction. They are taught to identify triggers and find appropriate methods for dealing with them without the use of drugs and alcohol.
Spiritual Health - The addict is taught methods of meditation and relaxation exercises that will help them get in touch with their inner-selves. This helps provide the basis for better

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