Home Is A Safe Haven

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Home is a safe haven. A place where one should be able to go after a long hard day and unwind with whatever vices they so choose given they are legal. A place where one ought to feel protected and not judged; where your prospective on societal and political issues, political correctness, or even your commentary about mundane things should be voiced without fear of retaliation or consequences from the outside world. However, what happens when conversations and activities done in the privacy of your own home or outside of the workplace leak out? In recent media headlines we have seen just that; private conversations, emails and activities that were not intended for the workplace or mass media to discover being not only scrutinized, but carrying repercussions for those involved. Some have not only lost the respect of colleagues but have lost their careers.
With this in mind, how an individual ought to conduct themselves in every situation is not outlined by the codes of ethics. Your translation of the various ethical codes are contingent upon your own ethical awareness and problem solving skills (Cory G et.al, 2015, p.6). In order for one to solve a problem, they must first identify the problem. In this scenario, the problem or dilemma is that I was offered a proposal to be provided with the answers to a game show in exchange for one hundred thousand dollars I would begin to consider the stakes for agreeing to be a part of a game show that has been rigged. After all, no one
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