Homeland Security Initiative Case Study

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Now that we have completed our assessment process, how do we take all of the received information and develop it into a plan, along with a budget? Fisher did a very eloquent job in demonstrating how to do just that. As with any plan, one must first develop a vision statement followed by a mission statement of their organization. In this case, we are focusing our attention on developing a homeland security initiative, therefore that is where our focus will lie. Once we have developed our statements, we then progress forward to the centrifuge of the planning process. As with any plan, we must set out a desired outcome. A desired outcome is a statement in which we are going to attempt to achieve. In this case, we are looking at developing a…show more content…
If you step back and think about any organization, it must have customers in order to stay in business. Additionally, when thinking of homeland security initiatives, we must place a large amount of money here in ensuring that we are aligning ourselves with the industry standards, if not above them. It is here where our planning must include for the worst case scenario. What if we had to pack up and relocate to another local due to an emergency? Would we have the plan in place to do so? These are key questions that must be answered. The State Government organization that I am employed with oversees foster care children. Anytime that there is severe weather in our immediate areas, we have an emergency plan of action in plan to ensure that not only foster youth are safe, but employees and other families that we serve. This was evident when the wildfires struck East Tennessee a few months ago. Our agency learned of some key deficits that we struggled with during this particular emergency. From this incident, we learned of ways that we needed to improve but also drew upon our
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