Homelessness : An American Crime

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Homelessness: An American Crime
Imagine that you are homeless. You live on the streets, roaming from place to place. The only clothes you own are the ones on your back and all your possessions fit neatly into a single trash bag. Your daily worries consist of where your next meal will be coming from, or if you are going to be able to find somewhere to sleep that night. You cannot even find a bench in the park to sleep on for fear that you will be arrested. You cannot ask kind strangers for money to buy food because the city you live in has now passed a law that bans begging for money. The charity group that you relied on for a free meal every day can no longer operate because the city passed an ordinance that made it illegal to feed the homeless in public. This daily struggle is what life is life for homeless people in America.
Homelessness is ever-growing in America and every individual has their own view of how it should be handled. Many individuals think that criminalizing certain actions of the homeless will inadvertently reduce homelessness in the United States. They believe that pushing the homeless out of their cities will make it safer for the “normal” citizens. However, current methods of ridding cities of the homeless population are counterproductive, dehumanizing, and they infringe upon the basic rights of homeless human beings.
Over the past few years, several cities have allowed police roundups of homeless people in public areas, while dozens of others have

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