Homework And Household Chores On School Nights

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After completing my homework and household chores on school nights, I tend to “kick back” and relax. This leisure time is the time I set aside to eat, gather my thoughts, and watch a little sport on TV. At this time, I do not have any worries on my mind. As I sit pondering, this respite is abruptly halted by the remembrance of the project I have to complete and turn in the next day. Now my mind is racing, wondering and worried about how I am going to complete the project at hand in the amount of time I have given myself. The thought of having a big assignment due is not what boggles my mind; however, the thought of the date it is due is extremely stressing. Every time this occurs, I can hear my mother’s words resounding in my mind, “Don’t wait ‘til the last minute to get stuff done.” The personal monster that continues to rare its hideous head in my life is procrastination. The School Dictionary defines procrastination as, “to put off doing something until future time, especially when this is done as a habit.” Many individuals tend to do this in every aspect of life. People procrastinate in school, work, church, and many more areas. I am one of those people. I take excellent notes as the teacher assigns the project doing things such as writing down the assignment, the description of the assignment, and, most importantly, the date the assignment is due. These notes assist me while I am preparing to commence working on the assignment. While taking notes on assignment due, I

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