Homosexual Culture in America and China

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Homosexuality is considered as sub-culture in modem society. However, nowadays, it is freely discussed and widely analyzed among the world. The sharply increasing amount of homosexuals and the heated argument raised by people has drawn more and more eyes. This paper is centered on homosexual culture especially in America and China. General concepts on homosexual Homosexual used to be "the abominable crime not to be mentioned." in America. After the word “gay” emerged for years, a vast majority of American start to change their attitude. Now they retain a deep loathing toward homosexuals, but there is a growing mixture of tolerance, empathy or apathy. While the situation in China is almost the same. Subjected to conservative traditional…show more content…
The number of homosexuals in the United States is about 100 million concentrating densely in metropolitan area. On June 28, San Francisco will hold an annual gay parade, attracting homosexuals around the world. Therefore, considering the gay community as a significant voter base, politicians have to deal cautiously with the issue of homosexuality. Actually it is supportive and helpful for the gay rights movement. In contrast, on this certain aspect, China still has a long way to go. It also reflects the Chinese citizens’ immaturity of the Awareness of rights protection Hot issues about homosexual culture Homosexuality is a unique cultural behavior, which is not widely accepted by the community and alienated from the mainstream culture. People who are against it require the legal prohibition, and who support it request for setting laws to recognize its legitimacy. Thus, would homosexuality be given legal protection has become the focus. America and China are no exception. In 1993, Hawaii first put forward the legal possibility of same-sex marriage, but was rejected. Since then, the U.S. 30 states and the federal government have passed legislation to ban recognition of same-sex marriage. March 16, a law allowing gay’s marriage passed by House of Representatives in Vermont with 76 votes to 69 votes. After the vote, they cried
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