Homosexuality In 'Born This Way'

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I felt delighted as I watched the episode “Born This Way” from “Glee”. The story was appealing due to the high school setting. Besides the entertaining purpose, the episode also reflected three significant issues namely discrimination, cosmetic surgery and homosexuality.
Firstly, the episode revealed the issue of discrimination. Quinn, a pretty girl insulted Lauren, an overweight girl who wanted to compete for the title of prom queen. I felt glad as Lauren was determined and confident in pursuing her dream to become a prom queen. Her courage should always be the role model for teenagers. Unfortunately, I think such good value was not easy to apply because most people were easily influenced by other people’s comment. It was very common that the less attractive people were treated …show more content…

In the performance of the song “Born This Way”, Kurt bravely admitted that he was a homosexual. I had neutral feelings towards Kurt’s action because I think that homosexuals were also a part of the society and it was not something to be embarrassed of. In fact, teenagers who were homosexuals remained in the closets owing to the insecure feelings for exposing the intimate part of them (Friedrichs, 2015). Besides, they might be anxious about being the victim of bullying as the homosexuals were more tending to be victimized during high school (Seaman, 2015). Such problem should be ceased because it was legitimate for everyone to love anyone. People should not accuse homosexual’s love was wrong but gave them a chance to come out of the closet, like Kurt. In 2015, a student, Maxwell Barrett admitted he was a homosexual through a mischievous yearbook quote (Goorwich, 2015).
As a conclusion, the light story in “Born This Way” brought out important issues that we should be aware of. In brief, do not judge a book by its cover. Although certain people might be different from the others, they were still deserved for

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