Hon Hai / Foxconn Technology Group

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Hon Hai/ Foxconn Technology group is a Taiwanese Multinational Corporation. It is known to be the world’s largest electronics contractor and manufacturer. Terry Gou founded Han Hoi precision company which acts like anchor company to Han Hoi/ Foxconn in 1974. His main aim to find this company was to provide low cost, affordable electronic products. The company’s vision is to make smarter lives possible. it wants to use four major areas of information and communications technologies (ICT) - content creation, information processing, cloud data management, and network transmission, and to catalyze development and changing the way we communicate with each other and making human interaction through technology more natural. Foxconn calls their strategy as “Connecting the dots”. their technology covers users who use different products such as tablets, smartphones, desktops, TVs, whiteboards, electric vehicles and even robots. it also covers different aspects on internet and cloud. Foxconn is using every way possible to be a part of the ICT ecosystem and using opportunities across the industry value-chain, from hardware to services and other technology solutions. They are also expanding into content creation, cloud data management services – such as software, platform and infrastructure as-a-service – and wireless 4G-LTE and broadband network transmission services. Their long term goal is to keep on investing in the research and development of new products, technologies and
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