Honesty In 12 Angry Men

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In tough times, it is easy to forget what is right and wrong. The movie Twelve Angry Men is a very clear demonstration on right and wrong. The film is about twelve jurors who are deciding the fate of a young man accused of killing his father. These twelve men all vote for guilty, except for the eighth juror, who votes innocent. It seems very clear that the suspect is guilty, and the eighth juror goes against everyone to give the young man a fair chance. Although all other jurors try to pressure him into voting guilty, he sticks to his gut and eventually proves the suspect innocent. In the 1957 film 12 Angry Men, the eighth juror, Mr. Davis, sticks to his core values of honesty, fair judgement, and hard work to prove the young man accused of killing his father to be innocent.
Honesty is a very important trait to have. The eighth juror from 12 Angry Men believes that honesty is of great importance. Not much is known about Mr. Davis, or any of the jurors at the beginning of the movie. As the plot develops, however, the nature of each character is revealed to the audience. It is easy to see that one of Mr. Davis’ personality traits is honesty. Those who are honest are the most trustworthy, and are often the most loyal. Having complete honesty will get anyone far in life, whether it be through a job, marriage, friendship, or really anything at all, (unless they decide to become a lawyer.) After watching the film 12 Angry Men, it is easy to see that the eighth juror

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