Hope Airlines Mission Statement

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Strategic Plan Part 1: New Product or Services Hope Airlines: Mission Statement. Fly with Confidence. We are a new airlines serving the United States Virgin Islands. The Henry E. Rohisen. (HERA) and St. Croix Airport (STX) both airports have direct and connecting flights from the United States, and other international countries. And Caribbean Airports. –Isaac Uboh There have been no frequent flights to these destinations, we embark on three nonstop flights from the US. They are from Atlanta, New York, and Washington DC. The new airline is a subsidiary of Delta Airlines with new venture to lower the cost of air traveling in these islands, particularly during the summer season. Our fleets consist of Boeing 737-800 and an A319, 321, which will meet and exceed our customer service expectation in any way that foster string relationships with our customers. Hope Airlines being the subsidiary of Delta Airlines responded to yearning of customers for not having frequent schedule not only in summer month but all year round, indeed we investigated and discovered that money was passing us without noticing. Ultimately, came the decision to create another service airlines to meet the needs of the customers. We are thinking differently about competition and what it means to compete effectively. We devise a way to differentiate our …show more content…

Whether this is the one and only Delta Airlines corporate mission statement is not clear. The Delta force for global good mission state is: We Delta employees, customer, and community partners – together form a force for – positive local and global change, dedicated to bettering standards of living and the environment where we and our customers live and work. We are Delta’s force for global good. Hope Airlines is the

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