Hospital Risk Management Plan Analysis

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Hospital Risk Management Plan Can you foresee the future? Facility managers (FM) put forth a concerted effort to do just that when preparing a 600-bed hospital risk management plan. Fortunately, much data can be gleaned from various sources for the project manager to use in developing the plan which is unique to that particular hospital facility. A comprehensive risk management plan can insure the organization’s facility is operating at the level it was designed to achieve. At the same time the plan will keep unanticipated facility expenses at a minimum due to proper facility maintenance.
Purpose & Goal of a Risk Management Plan In a effective risk management plan the project manager seeks to foresee risks as well as potential problems in order to estimate their impact on the healthcare facility. These include facility maintenance issues, enhancements to the facility as an asset as well as unfavorable events. Once these risks have been identified, a comprehensive response to the potential issues is compiled. The goal of the response is to minimize the negative impact of the risks on the hospital’s ability to reach their objectives. It is also critical that the hospital be able to return to full operation as soon as possible when an adverse event occurs.
Scope of a Risk Management Plan In order to reach the goals of the risk management plan, the scope of the plan must be established (Sans Institute, 2002). This is a critical part of
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