Hot Wax Report

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Throughout this experiment, hot wax has displayed that it is able to reduce the friction between the ski bases and the snow quicker than any other material used. Over the time line of this experiment nearly all of the ski waxes enhanced the speed of a skier. Overall, the materials used continued to display consistent results in comparison to each other. Each time, hot wax demonstrated the quickest speed followed by rub on, paste, and spray on wax. Prolonged quality was evident with the hot wax and was more efficient in general. Hot wax proved superior to quick wax in coating ability (Website 2). Rub on was applied directly to the ski on and then polished with a cork (Website 3). The paste wax is also known as a glide wax. “Glide” waxes – promote smooth movement and allow the base of your ski to slide along the snow at a high-speed rate (Website 3). Spray on and paste waxes are typically used as a top coat to hot wax to further improve the performance of a skier. These waxes are fast and easy to apply and last for a day of skiing or less (Website 5). Because spray on wax is traditionally used as a top coat it was not as resourceful when used on its own in two out of three …show more content…

Using a stop watch could give a broad idea of which wax is able to reduce friction the best. The time in the data were tenths of seconds from each other, paste wax could have been faster than rub on if timed inaccurately. Stop watches will never be an exact time of what occurred. Human are know for making mistakes, so inaccurate time could have been a dilemma. Time sensory experiment would get the exact time it would take the ice disc slide down the ski. Due to the cost of this specialty equipment a stop watch was used instead. The next step to further investigate is to research different brands and repeat this experiment the same way with new

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