Hotel Thesis

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Executive summary Comprehensive sectoral analysis of emerging competencies and economic activities in the European Union Lot 12: Hotels and restaurants Executive summary Submitted to the European Commission; Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities DG April 2009 Executive Summary Main economic and employment trends The Hotels and restaurants sector is a highly labour intensive service sector employing nearly nine million persons across the EU. A large part of the sector is closely linked to the dynamics of the tourism economy; in terms of turnover the Hotels and restaurants sector counts for more than 70% of the EU tourism sector. The Hotels and restaurants sector can be divided into three thematic sub-sectors: •…show more content…
Number of persons employed in Europe, USA and Japan Hotels and restaurants 12000000 10000000 8000000 6000000 4000000 2000000 0 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Europe USA Japan Source:; US Bureau of Labour Statistics; Japanese Statistics Bureau Finally, when looking at the different occupational groups of the Hotels and restaurants sector, some differences can be traced between the new and the old Member States. The old Member States (EU15) have significantly more managers of small enterprises than the new Member States, implying that the importance of SMEs is greater in the EU15. The core occupational group of the sector is the service workers and shop and market sales workers, comprising more than half of the total employment in the sector. Changes in the share of occupations from 2000 to 2007 are very small, making it hard to identify 3 20 20 06 major trends. There seems to be a slight tendency however, of service workers making up a decreasing share of the total sectoral employment. Employment by occupation of total sectoral employment (%) NACE H55 Hotels and restaurants 2000 ISCO Occupation Managers of small entreprises Other legislators, senior officials and managers Professionals, technicians and associate professionals Clerks Service workers and shop and market sales workers Crafts and related trades workers Elementary occupations Source:
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