Housing Department in Meath County Council Essay

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Part 1: Section 1

The agency of Meath County Council is vast, to be more specific, the housing department will be the focus of this assignment. The key aims are to provide those on the housing waiting list with suitable and hopefully long term accommodation. The housing department is a local authority department which operates in all county councils as said stated in section 22 of the housing Miscellaneous Provisions act if 2009. The scheme is based on applicant who qualify for housing support or those transferring form already council properties [Meath Local Authorities, 2011, MCC]. The housing department does, however, offer a variety of services to today’s society. An example of such is the homeless services.

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This is unique in the sense that many other councils see it as to unpredictable and untidy, yet Meath County Council has, as the clients have, found it to be an extremely valuable tool in eliminating homelessness as it is not a strict appointment system which can be somewhat intimidating to clients, especially younger clients. Clients are usually referred to homeless services by their social worker or another member of the HSE. Privately run agencies, such as bluebird Navan, a service similar to youth reach, often refer clients in order to provide some independent living while having access to specific services. In many cases where the client is a young adult, the HSE and Homeless service will have a group meeting of all the services involved with the client to set out a care plan.

Part 1: Section 2
The people using the service vary hugely. Those in a dangerous environment in the home, domestic violence for example, often come in through the mentioned drop in system. Other clients, young and the elderly are referred to homeless services through any number of agencies, including the HSE. A common means by which clients come to the attention of the homeless service is through eviction. This has become extremely common, given the recession, and has put a huge strain on services. Both homeless and otherwise, as the clients coming from this situation are more often than

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