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“Housing in Context – The Right to Buy” Report for Management Board prepared by Caroline Peters, June 2017 1. Introduction 1.1 Report purpose 1.2 Housing Policy 1.3 Report Content 1.4 Report Summary 2. The Right to Buy 2.1 Historical Policy 2.2 The Right to Buy 1980 3. Legislative Framework 3.1 Legislation 3.2 Further Legislative amendments 3.3 Extension of Right to Buy 4. Comparative Study – The Right to Buy Wales 4.1 Historical Policy 4.2 Legislative framework 4.3 Abolition of the Right to Buy 4.4 Comparison to Right to Buy England 5. Conclusion 5.1 Summary of the report 5.2 Lessons Learned 5.3 Future Trends 6. References 1. Introduction 1.1 The purpose of this report is to look at Housing in Context by…show more content…
As not all local authorities were keen to provide social housing, they found ways to sell their housing stock. There was at that time legislation in place to enable this, but as the houses had been built with government funds, these sales had to receive approval from the ministry of health. These approvals were not forthcoming and, property prices were too high for many to afford. The onset of WW1 impacted on sales during 1914-1938 due to restrictions and after WW11 the acting Labour Government formerly opposed such sales. The Housing Act in 1952 revoked the Housing Act 1936 restricting requirement to obtain the best sale price for these properties and between 1952-1979 the acting government granted various consents, in 1967, to prevent under-pricing, market value sale price was introduced and remains so to this day. 2.2 The Right to Buy 1980 Contrary to popular belief Right to Buy existed under the Conservative party before Margaret Thatcher was elected as party leader or indeed Prime Minister. Over 370,000 properties were sold between 1952 and 1980, this was largely down to the generous discounts offered and would have increased regardless of the introduction of the Right to Buy legislation in1980. It is important to note that local authorities were restricted on using monies generated by Right to Buy for rebuilding as these funds were reverted back to the treasury and there was no policy in place to build
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