How AKH Group Can Help Make the World a Better Place Essay

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As given in the case a 35 years old AKH Group has various businesses spread across IT, Consumer Products, BPO and Telecom. For the development of the company in various sectors the founder of the company follows an austere way of working. The business expansion has been organic as well as inorganic. The IT business was fostered through organic form and the BPO was an acquisition. Similarly, the Consumer Product business was a mix of organic and inorganic (through foreign acquisitions). The founder of this business conglomerate has recently announced a sum of Rs. 10,000 Crore to be spent on nation building. Areas chalked out are Skill Development and Primary Health.
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Let us also assume that the company has done enough research and study to jot down the problem areas and the areas where there is a scope of development

Now based on the assumptions and case facts some of the suggestions are as follows:
 The company can focus on underprivileged children who don’t have the chance of getting education due to unavailability of paper, pencils, pens etc. and other expenses. They can provide such stationeries to the underprivileged students in rural areas.

 The company must come out with cheaply priced toothpastes, tooth brushes, tongue cleaners in order to provide oral hygiene to the rural sector and launch an awareness program to make them aware about the necessity of oral care in keeping yourself healthy.

 As done by lifebuoy they can also make the villagers realize the importance of hygiene and using soaps on a daily basis, in order to stay clean and healthy. Free samples must be provided to the rural and semi urban people. This free sample distribution will make them use the product of the company and sales will increase.

 Hygiene is an important issue throughout the country, and women’s hygiene is something that one needs to be extra careful about, as women are more prone to diseases such as ovarian cancer, breast cancer

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