How Accenture Assets Other Organizations to Achieve Their Aim

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How Accenture Assets Other Organizations to Achieve Their Aim

Accenture was established in 1989 mainly as a technology specialist and system join together; Accenture soon began offering a new type of business integration solution to clients, solutions that associated organisations, technologies, processes and people with their strategies.

Accenture has expanded its offerings and capitalised on evolving management trends and technologies to benefit its clients

Joe W. Forehand, a partner with 30 years of experience, was named CEO in November 1999 and chairman of Accenture’s board of directors in February 2001. Under Forehand’s leadership, Accenture became a public company in July 2001 when
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Accenture smart objectives:

Ø To increase 30%revenue in existing market by 2006

Ø Complete studies on new procedures, tools, products and services

Ø Apply training to real situations

Ø Actively use support structure to learn new policies and procedures

Ø To help 25% non-profit and profit organisation to achieve their goal

Functional areas within business

Recruitment, retention and dismissal


Health and safety: All the employees have the right to work in a safe environment,

Human resoouces must ensure that the organisation operate within health and safety laws

Recruitment, retention and dismissal: All these relate to people who are starting jobs, continuing their job and being dismissed or redundancy.

Working conditions: When a person is being interview, they should be informed about their conditions of employment and also their working conditions.

Training, development and promotion: the majority of people want to continue to develop their skills and abilities after they have started work.

All these skills and development help them to apply for jobs with more responsibilities and better pay. As a rule staffs are qualified for promoting only if they can prove they

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