How Alzheimer's Changed My Family

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Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects roughly 3 million families each year, including my own. Around this time three years ago my parents got a call that changed our entire lives. At 3 A.M. they received a phone call from a police department, in a surrounding town, that they had pulled over my step-grandpa, who was driving down the highway on the wrong side of the road. This was the first of many calls that my parents received in regard to my grandfather. There were instances of him showing up to work, although he was 20 years in retirement. He would go out to eat and not realize that he had been at the restaurant 10 minutes prior to eat. Quickly, my parents realized that something was off and medical assistance was needed. After some series of testing, it was very clear to the doctor that Alzheimer’s was the answer to his lack of memory and at the age of 86, he was officially diagnosed with the disease. This news was hard for my entire family, and extremely hard for my step-father. Not only did the doctor determine that Alzheimer’s was causing these events to occur, but that there was a genetic link and my step-father could also carry the gene. He has personally chosen not to test for the gene, and to continue to live his life to the fullest. As a family, this is something that has changed our lives…show more content…
Still Alice gave me insight as to how this disease can affect many other families other than my own in many similar ways. Seeing Alice go through he stages of dementia, and the affect the disease had on her executive function are what caught my attention the most while reading the book, since those aspects are some that I have witnessed my grandfather go through. One of the most interesting things about the book is that Alice was diagnosed with early onset and could understand what was going to happen to her before it
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