How Amazon Is A Company

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1-4. In what ways does Amazon, as a company, evidence the willingness and ability to collaborate? Amazon ultimately has shown evidence of their willingness and ability to collaborate through their success. Amazon gives and receives critical feedback, through the company and outsiders, in order to better their business. Since 1994 when the first online bookseller came about to 2013 with the creation of Amazon coins, this information system structure has come a long way. Although we are not given inside information about day to day operations within Amazon, we can be sure that effective collaboration has taken place due to the current success story. As employees collaborate among each other, performance becomes more efficient and output becomes a substantial amount. The employees and staff members of this company are in an open atmosphere where all ideas and opinions are shared, collaborated, and altered to aid overall performance. If effective collaboration did not take place within Amazon, or any company for that matter, new ideas, progress, and output would be limited. An individual approach would be the focus of a non-collaborative company. Overall, this would have a negative impact on consumers and bring business growth to a decline. In contrast, Amazon’s growth over the past 20 years has been incredible and it is safe to assume successful collaboration will continue to take place within this corporation. 1-5. In what ways does Amazon, as a company, evidence and
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