Essay about How Anna Cora Mowatt Fashioned Her Fashion

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Ms. Anna Cora Mowatt is an inspiring theatrical and historical figure. She fell in love with the theatre at a young age and exhibited a talent for acting. Moreover, Mowatt’s fame flourished due to her play and literature publications, not just from than from her acting abilities. Anna Cora Ogden was born on March 5, 1819 in Bordeaux, France to American parents. She and her family moved to New York City when she was seven years old. Anna married James Mowatt, a lawyer who was several years her senior, when she was 15 years old. Her poor health led her to move to and live in Europe during the years 1837-1840. Nonetheless, her feeble health did not put an end to her mental strength. Mowatt’s determination led her to pursue an acting …show more content…

Critics who fashioned reviews for this production agree it is a timeless American comedic classic. One critic wrote it “proves to be surprisingly modern, entertaining comedy of manners”. It demonstrates the conflict the individualist, honest, hardworking American citizen had to endure to overcome the demeaning stereotypes instilled by his over-sea European counterpart. For example, Mr. Adam Trueman had to confronting Mr. and Mrs. Tiffany prove the high ideals for fashion, especially Parisian fashion, and prestige were scandalizing the Tiffany family. Trueman’s solution for the Tiffany family was for them to sell all their house and unnecessary belonging and move to the remote country to avoid further problems brought along with the desire for wealth, power and fame. Fashion’s plot, characters and themes compare and contrast the continental manners to the new American spirit. The plot revolves around the American Yankee verses the European Stiff. Mrs. Tiffany’s desire for fashion causes her to splurge her family’s money in order to secure the expensive house, popular objects and clothing as well as a French maid to gather insight on the latest trends of Paris, France. She also frowns upon the idea of herself or anyone behaving like an uncivilized American. She seeks to learn the language and mannerisms of the French. However, Mr. Trueman and Gertrude, for the most part, seek to remain

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