How Are The Population Policies Different Between India And China? Essay

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How are the population policies different between India and China?

Guifang Tang

Introduction China and India are the two countries which have the largest population in the world. These two countries have many similarities, especially they have fabulous growing speed during the globalization. In the global economic market, China has the biggest manufacture market and cheap labor (Justin Paul & Erick Mas.2016). India gained independence from the United Kingdom from 1947 and started to focus on improving their food security and developing the technology of agriculture, so India has the evidence dominate the service market from agriculture transfer to service sector due to the globalization too in recently decades (Kedia &Lahiri 2007). In the same situation of China, the whole society focused on agricultural reforms since the 1970s. As two fastest developing countries, China and India typically have a big number of population and cheap labor for manufacture industries which gained a lot of attention around the world. Population in one country could be the productivity power or the economic factor force of developing. On the other side, it could be the main reason of hinder the development. So this paper will directly analysis these two nations population policy, in addition, based on their different society contexts and culture value, analysis the population problem and social issues around the policy.
Comparison between India and China
1. India and China population

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