How Britons Take The Bus

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How Britons take the bus Napier Matriculation Number: 40182705 Introduction This ethnographic research proposal deals with how British people have a particular way to take the bus. I will focus on buses in Edinburgh and I will explore how those rules are not easy to determine. They can be thus qualified as unwritten. I will eventually explore the fact that taking the buses can even been seen as a mix of all British rules and can even help to define Britishness. 1.1 Theoretical Framework At first, one can wonder how different taking the bus is in the UK compared to other countries. It can be seen as a “normalised process” which is everywhere the same. However some things are different. Firstly queuing which has been…show more content…
I had to take the bus for two hours per day to go my high school and I saw the bus as a way to make a break between the school and my homework. 2. Main Aims and Research Questions This research proposal aims to analyse and understand the British behaviours in public places and to characterise what is ‘Britishness’. The data is taken in buses round Edinburgh and at bus stops in the Scottish capital. • How can we qualify the British behaviours in public places? • How can Britishness can be seen and analysed in everyday life? • In what ways transports can be seen as a mean which condense all the unwritten rules existing in Great-Britain? 3. Why is this interesting I find this topic really fascinating as this leads to condense all British rules about politeness, queuing, and general behaviour. Being arrived in September in Edinburgh, I have had some difficulties to fully adjust to the British bus system. Having taken nearly only the bus in Edinburgh as I chose to not bring my car here in Scotland, I feel my insider knowledge will be real advantage to interpret data. I’m now of course fully acquainted with the bus system and I’ve even seen myself helping people and giving directions many times, even to local people! I found this subject particularly interesting as it can seem as a very simple topic. Taking the bus is something we do every day and even most of the time several times a day, this is especially true for students.
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