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Firstly, our website generates the purpose of the business how it is relevant and accessible using. The customers have to register an account of memberships. Basically, the leftover money of journeys is unused coins or notes that they cannot use but our service provide convenience to take unused foreign currency from many countries that they travelled. If the customers have many coins and notes, which were combined in many countries, they have not calculated their money because our service has provided calculated service and we will let you know how much money that you have. Secondly, our website provide three services about exchanges unused foreign currency including cash for cash out, charity to worldwide organisations that the customers can, and collect points system, which is a point of shopping online. Furthermore, our service also has machines that will be put in public areas including international and domestic airports, train station, shopping centre and embassies.

Thirdly, to provide other service delivered collection and post option. There are the other options that offer the satisfaction of the customer, who might chance his/her mind and situation about the unused foreign currency, which does not matter for someone. If the customers are interested, we will give collection box and deliver to keep every 6-12 month or made an appointment about one week before to collect it.

Finally, the reactions of our service were surveyed due to 50 percent of participants that
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