How Can Modern Technology Be Used to Aid Learning in Schools

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Use Of Modern Technology In Education
The system of imparting education and learning is changing with changing times. Modern science and technology is being used in each and every field in today’s world. The modern education system is also imbibing the use of modern technology in order to make the system far more convenient and reachable to the mass. We all are aware of the need of proper education so as to enjoy a secure future. Education also helps us in becoming a better and refined person as well.
To make the education system more in tune with the times it is necessary to incorporate the right methods into the system. Modern technology should be used to the utmost to make the system
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This not only aids in visual learning, but it is interactive so the students can draw, write, or manipulate images on the interactive whiteboard. * Online media: Streamed video websites can be utilized to enhance a classroom lesson (e.g. United Streaming, Teacher Tube, etc.) * Digital Games: The field of educational games and serious games has been growing significantly over the last few years. The digital games are being provided as tools for the classroom and have a lot of positive feedback including higher motivation for students.[23]
There are many other tools being utilized depending on the local school board and funds available. These may include: digital cameras, video cameras, interactive whiteboard tools, document cameras, or LCD projectors. * Podcasts: Podcasting is a relatively new invention that allows anybody to publish files to the Internet where individuals can subscribe and receive new files from people by a subscription. The primary benefit of podcasting for educators is quite simple. It enables teachers to reach students through a medium that is both "cool" and a part of their daily lives. For a technology that only requires a computer, microphone and internet connection, podcasting has the capacity of advancing a student’s education beyond the classroom. When students listen to the podcasts of other students as well as their own, they can quickly demonstrate their capacities to identify and define
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